Chamber's Committees

The following is a list of the committees that help the Greater Cornwall Chamber of Commerce operate successfully. Chamber members who want to take a more active role can join one or more of the following committees:

Membership Committee
The purpose of the Membership Committee is to recruit new members to join our chamber.
Chair: Deanne Brady
Members: Matt Pillius, Ryan Coakley, Christine Dorsey
Sponsorship Committee
The purpose of the Sponsorship Committee is to help committees with sponsorships for their events.
Chair: Joseph Dvash
Members: Christine Dorsey, Barbara Deangelis

Beautification Committee
The purpose of the Beautification Committee is to take on projects to help make the town and village attractive for our visitors.
Chair: TBD
Members: Eileen Hartmann, Jackie Gaillard, Luann Richards, Lois Raymond, Cathy Vaughn, David Hayes-Cohen, Annie Mooradian, Angela Calabro, Carmen Kerr, Dianne Dodero
Economic Development Committee
Chair: Wynn Gold
Members: Eileen Hartmann, Joshua Wojehowski, Jeanne LaBarge, Robert Carlucci
Art Festival Committee
Chair: Mary Lou Carolan, Wynn Gold
Members: Fred Lewis, Stacey Lyle, Michele Reis, Mary Lou Carolan
Golf Outing Committee
The Golf Outing Committee is planning their Golf Outing for May 1st 2017.
Chair: Ryan Coakley
Members: Dan Mahoney, Stacey Lyle, Betsy Sharo
Holiday Committee
The Holiday Committee is planning three events this year.  The 4th of July Float, Cornwall Spooktacular October 28, 2017, Horse & Carriage Ride & Tree Lighting event December 2 & 3, 2017
Chair: Eileen Hartmann, Luann Richards
Members: Helen Bunt, Annie Mooradian, Stacey Lyle, Regina McGrade, Anna Croce, Randy Clark, Cathy Vaughn
Car Show Committee
The Car Show Committee is planning the car show on September 3, 2017
Chair: Luann Richards
Members: Joseph Dvash, Stacey Lyle, Annie Moordian, Louie Capossela
Fall Festival Committee
The Fall Festival Committee is planning their event on September 24, 2017
Chair: Rich Massimi, Lois R Raymond
Members: Annie Mooradian, Helen Bunt, Stacey Lyle, Luann Richards, Joe Gill, Amy Stillwagon, Thomas Lindemann, Bernadette Montana

If you have any interest in serving on any of these committees, please let us know.
Some committees meet monthly; others only meet as needed.

The assistance of our member volunteers, is an essential component of the Chamber’s programming. Volunteers are expected to attend committee meetings on a regular basis.

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